HSE (Health, Safety, Environment or also EHS and SHE) is the most important topic in new construction, demolition, conversion or inspection shutdowns in the (petro)chemical industry, in power plant and plant construction, in structural and civil engineering and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Compliance with legal requirements (ArG, UVG, VUV, ChemG, MwG, etc.) and the relevant guidelines and rules (SUVA, VKF/VKG, EKAS etc.) – e.g. the essential guidelines for the affected industries created by SUVA – forms the basis for safe work. Additional consideration is given to state-of-the-art science and technology as well as company-specific safety regulations in order to establish safety at the highest level and thus reduce the number of accidents.

Our safety and health personnel have many years of professional experience from numerous national and international projects and are thus fully qualified to advise and support construction projects relating to occupational safety, health and environmental protection and thus achieve excellent results in this respect. We would be happy to send you a CV (Curriculum Vitae) matching the project.

Our services among others:

  • Definition of safety, health, environmental and fire protection goals together with the customer and, if necessary, authorities and insurance carriers
  • Integration of safety, health and environmental protection into the organisational and management concept in the planning and implementation of construction projects of all kinds
  • Formulation of the occupational safety guideline
  • Training and instruction of all employees (management and operational staff)
  • Safety coordination of all trades in accordance with the responsible (specialist) construction management
  • Preparation of the safety manual and all other SHE-relevant documents such as operating instructions, emergency concepts, procedural instructions, etc.
  • Coordination of the subcontractors
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Support of HAZID and HAZOP processes and SIL classification
  • Action planning and implementation
  • emergency organisation
  • Supervision of work in contaminated areas (e.g. asbestos, PCB, contaminated sites, etc.)
  • Preventive and constructive fire protection
  • Conducting safety audits of contractors and suppliers
  • Safety inspections with corresponding documentation
  • Execution of work permit procedures (Permit to Work Manager)
  • crane coordination
  • personnel certification
  • Training in rescue from heights, instruction in personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE)
  • …and much more