SiGe Coordinator

Our health and safety coordinators take on the coordination tasks required by VUV Art.9 for you when several companies work together and support you in designing the work of the individual trades safely, taking into account the legal standards and guidelines.

We offer experienced project personnel with business fluent English skills and additional qualifications in the areas of construction site safety and environmental protection.

Our SiGe coordinators help you to identify sources of hazards already in the planning phase and to establish appropriate precautionary measures. This minimizes the risk of accidents during the implementation phase and allows work to be carried out as smoothly as possible.


Assignments of the SiGe Coordinator

  • Preparation and updating of a safety and health protection plan (SiGe-Plan). This includes hazard identification and risk assessment as well as the definition of appropriate protective measures for the work to be carried out on the individual trades.
  • Advising the client with regard to the preparation of the construction plan and the fire protection concept.
  • Initial instruction and instruction of all companies and employees involved in construction
  • Inspection for compliance with the specified protective measures through regular inspections
  • Preparation of site safety plans

Further assignments, which our project personnel will handle

  • Support in the planning of traffic routes/lanes and car parks
  • Creation of a HSE manual
  • Support in the development/implementation of recognition/reward systems for safety-related behaviour
  • Organization and execution of safety meetings (SafetyTalks)
  • Supporting the employer in ensuring that the construction site-specific measures / safety and health protection measures required by the Construction Work Ordinance (BauAV) are implemented
  • Supporting activities in the development of a safety and health protection concept including emergency planning, for example for underground work
  • Contact person for plant managers and site management as well as for authorities
  • Management of the permit procedure for welding work, work in confined spaces, work at heights and similar work